Republicans Now Need to Protect Christians From Persecution in America

The Republicans will have all three branches of government for the foreseeable future. They have seen, over the past few years, the Democrats demand nuns pay for abortions, florists provide flowers for gay weddings, and photographers be compelled against their will to attend same-sex weddings.

Pictured above is Barronelle Stutzman, one of the Christians targeted by Washington State, for daring to live out her faith in her business. The same-sex couple she had long done business with filed no complaint against her when her faith compelled her not to provide flowers for their wedding. But Washington has relentlessly pursued Ms. Stutzman, working overtime to drive her out of business.

There is ample data in the election to show that Donald Trump won, in part, because of the relentless assault waged against culture conservatives by aggressive, secularists pushing an anti-Christian, anti-science agenda.

The gay mafia and the left have worked tirelessly to target Christian owned businesses and shut them down. They have organized boycotts against states that want to protect the religious liberty of their citizens. It is clear, due to the boycotts, that a national solution is needed.

They have claimed, with no scientific support, that boys and girls can swap genders and that everyone is born gay or straight. To believe the science on the subject is bigotry and scientists who stick with the honest science are being hounded out of the scientific community.

Because the Supreme Court has grounded gay rights in the 14th amendment, “the Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of” that amendment. Consequently, Congress can and should act to pass national religious liberty legislation that protects Christians small business owners from both private actors and states seeking to punish them for wanting to opt out of gay weddings.

No reasonable person of faith is asking to be allowed to discriminate against the gay community. But Christians must be allowed to opt out of providing goods and services to marriage ceremonies that deviate from marriage ordained by God.

The overreach by the secular left must be curtailed by the Republicans.

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