Republicans Should Resist Calls to Confirm Merrick Garland

I have a number of friends who think with Trump on the verge of securing the Republican nomination that the GOP should now fold and confirm Merrick Garland. I must respectfully disagree.

Republicans still have a small chance of holding the United States Senate. They will need second amendment supporters in particular to help them. Independent voters who may not like Trump still like their guns.

If Republicans confirm Merrick Garland, in addition to further alienating the Republican base, they risk taking away keep arguments that can persuade independent voters to go with a Republican Senate. Ticket splitting is a rare phenomenon in the United States, but this is a rare election where ticket splitting is a real possibility.

Republicans rushing now to confirm Merrick Garland would just confirm that they think everything is doomed, anger voters who might help them keep the Senate, and further depress Republican turnout in November. They should resist the temptation.

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