Responding to The Nashville Statement, Liberal “Christians” Definitely Endorse Adult Incest, Adultery and Polygamy, Possibly Prostitution

What happens when one abandons a Christian sexual ethic? Well, leading leftwing “Christians” are showing us. In response to orthodox Christianity’s “Nashville Statement”, they have released a competing statement. With initial signatories including former Christian turned Episcopalian Rachel Held Evans, Fred Harrell of City Church San Francisco, and some guy who wants you to know he works at Five Guys Burgers and Fries (no, I’m not kidding), they have decided to abandon a Christian sexual ethic altogether. Their statement affirms adultery and polygamy and, if we play the word games they are playing with the Bible, prostitution.

According to their statement,

God is honored in any consenting and loving relationship between adults, and therefore, all such relationships deserve honor and recognition.

If they do not mean that the relationship must be both consenting and loving together, but they mean consenting relationships deserve honor and loving relationships deserve honor, then they’ve endorsed prostitiution.

But without even the word games they have endorsed adultery, assuming the adulterers believe their relationship is consensual and loving, which most adulterers do. They likewise endorse incest between two consenting adults who view the relationship as loving.

They have also endorsed polygamy. In fact, they specifically fail to mention relationships between just two adults.

Any same-sex or multi-sex relationship is godly according to this group.

Now, it is worth noting that the only scriptural reference they give is to 1 John 4:7, citing “whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.” Anyone familiar with scripture will get a chuckle as 1 John 4 begins with caution against those of the world who claim to be godly. They are called antichrists by John.

At least we know the end game. I have friends who think they can embrace gay marriage and that is the end of it. This statement clearly shows that is not the end of it. Having abandoned the basic Biblical sexual ethic of chastity out of marriage and fidelity inside marriage between a man and woman, the left is marching on quickly to “if it feels good do it.”

There is either a Biblical sexual ethic or there is not. If there is, it is between one man and one woman. If there is not, God help us all.

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