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I realize this is a new thing, but I’ve been working to monetize The Resurgent in a different way. If you are reading this, you will only see one advertisement.

That advertisement is our site sponsor. The sponsor pays a fixed sum and gets all the advertising on the site, as well as two posts about the sponsor during the week, both of which go in the daily email that just under 300,000 people read.

The site sponsorship costs normally costs $5000.00 a week and the sponsor gets a front page square advertisement and a banner at the top of each individual post. The graphics are static graphics so that ad blockers will not block them. Our daily traffic right now averages 110,000 page views and our readers are highly engaged. All of our advertisers have reported increases in membership, click throughs, donations, subscriptions, and engagement from The Resurgent’s advertisers.

If you would like to sponsor The Resurgent, please email [email protected]

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