Resurgent’s Gabby Hoffman Interviews GoWild Co-Founder About Their App

Gabriella interviewed GoWild co-founder Brad Luttrell about their app, hunting as conservation, and why their app works.

Yesterday, I did a Facebook Live interview with Brad Luttrell of GoWild—the hottest outdoor application for fishing, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts to hit the market.

Here’s the gist of our discussion:

—What is GoWild and how does the app function?

—How GW is engaging in creative disruption and how in turn that’s drawing in 13-17-year-olds

—How GW is supplementing, not replacing, certain social media platforms like Instagram which are subjected to attacks from those who hate fishing, hunting, etc.

—Brad discussed the launch of the GW podcast “Restless Native” and the goal behind it

—Where users can download GW and what versions are available

Follow GoWild on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and subscribe to “Restless Native” here. Download the app on iTunes and Android.

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