Rich Galen of Mullings fame

Rich Galen of Mullings fame is headed for Iraq to promote the reconstruction effort. I enjoy his column and it is a shame that he needs to do so.

But, in a day and time when the media refuse to report good news and make money off of overly hyped bad news, it is necessary. He is the right man for the job. God speed and God bless Rich.

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  • If we pay close attention to the few media sources we can trust, and analyze carefully, we can ferret out the facts about what is happening in Iraq. Rich Galen offers more than facts; he gives us truth. He is our eyes, our ears, and our heart over there. He gives faces to all of the people involved – our service personnel, diplomats, Iraqi entrepreneurs, and the children of Iraq. He makes us laugh, makes us cry, and always makes us think. . . usually within the same column.