Rick Wiley Goes from Scott Walker’s Campaign to Donald Trump’s

Toward the end of Rick Wiley’s tenure running Scott Walker’s campaign into the ground, rumors started circulating in Cleveland about … well … something. Now he’s headed to work with Corey Lewandowski at Team Trump.

For those of you who don’t remember, Rick Wiley ran the Walker campaign and when the campaign cratered, he took the Washington Post to tell the world how awesome he was and what a bad candidate Scott Walker was. He brought in staff who alienated the candidate and the candidate’s family. It was a disaster.

One major Walker supporter actually told me tonight, “Its a great day for the cause of conservatism. Rick Wiley will likely wreck Trump’s campaign like he did Gov. Walker’s.” That supporter is not the only major Walker supporter to say something similar. Now people are already firing up the “Cleveland rumor” again, which were it true would just further play into a growing anti-Trump narrative with female voters.

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