Righteous Indignation

Seeing the public comments of old guard conservatives like Richard Viguerie regarding Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump made me think, “Where is the righteous indignation of these conservative leaders about the speeches made at the convention last night?”

My hunch is there isn’t any from Richard given he is in the direct mail business and likely has part of the Trump campaign’s business. His hands are tied so to speak.

But there are others. The conservative leaders who claim to fight for the social issues and have given their lives to fighting for them are the ones I find oddly quiet today. Off the top of my head I list Tony Perkins, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Jim Dobson and others (sadly, the list could go on and on).

You, some of whom are friends, are the ones who claim for years to have drawn a line in the sand on marriage and life.

You were run roughshod last night by Peter Thiel in prime time. My hunch is this was Trump’s way of signaling to the socially moderate voters, “I really am with you, but gotta keep some folks happy so I can’t say it. But he can.”

Your indignation over Ted’s speech and his non-endorsement is rank hypocrisy in light of your silence today regarding Peter Thiel.

Look, let’s be honest. I like Peter. I love innovation and the entrepreneur spirit. I disagree with his lifestyle choice and his comments last night about moving past the bathroom debate. It was a throwaway line that cheapened his entire speech but was also dismissive of the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation being able to thrive inside a just society with structures that make that society work.

With those elements gone, who is to say there is a place for the entrepreneur?

I give you your right to be upset that Ted isn’t doing the linear thing in your minds (endorsing Trump).

What I won’t give you is your silence in light of last night’s events.

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