Rock’N’Roll Is Still King, But Too Rich For Trump

According to a TMZ report, Trump inauguration event organizers were given two goals: make it diverse and do it on the cheap. So when a well-known rock’n’roll band wanted to play a gig at one of the Trump events, the soon-to-be president turned them down when they wouldn’t budge on the price.

Inauguration sources tell us the Committee was close to landing a legendary group — one that’s in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame — but when the President-elect found out they wanted more than $1 million for the gig he pulled the plug. We’re told Trump implored the rockers to reduce their appearance fee — but when they refused he told the Inaugural Committee to move on to other artists.

Trump has plenty of cash for his inaugural events. He’s raised $90 million, but wants to donate tens of millions to charity. After the 9-month Washington Post investigation into Trump’s troubled past with charity money and his family foundation, he’s wised up and decided to forgo a top-line rock act to make sure he follows through with his charity promises. Trump closed the foundation since the election.

Trump got this one right.

Nobody remembers who plays at presidential inaugural events. In 2009, President Obama had U2, Bruce Springsteen, and Beyoncé, but none of that is even a dim memory today. Rock’N’Roll is still king, but $1 million is better used for charity than to book a gig that will be so soon forgotten.

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