Rooting for Injuries

The only thing funnier than watching Democrats melt down about Hillary Clinton losing is watching Republicans melt down about Hillary Clinton losing. There have been a number of Republicans who have decided Clinton is the lesser of two evils and they will cast their lot with her.

But it appears Clinton has damaged herself while Trump has finally found his footing. In the RealClearPolitics polling average today, Clinton is up by less than two points. The CBS/New York Times poll gives her a two point lead. The Los Angeles Times tracking poll has Trump ahead.

Trump supporters are again citing polling as if it is true. The very same polls that were rigged and skewed two weeks ago are now suddenly on the Trump Train. Democrats, meanwhile, have begun to unskew the polls.

Folks, this election is not really binary. It is quite possible to decide both Clinton and Trump are unqualified for the office. It is perfectly legitimate to root for injuries. The panic of some Republicans over the prospect of Trump winning is ridiculous. If Trump wins, we get Mike Pence. If Hillary Clinton wins, we don’t get Trump.

The proper position at this point in 2016 is to recognize that both parties have nominated the one person who could possibly lose to the other party’s nominee and root for injuries on both sides. Whichever of the two candidates win will cause the nation to be worse off. You will never be disappointed by hating them all.

But if you are a Republican, it is far better to abstain from voting than vote for a woman who supports killing children and shows terrible judgment in handling classified information.

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