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Judging by the flack I’ve already received this morning from the Reed people over yesterday’s post and the Cagle people over today’s post, I think the sitemeter must be broken. Glad to have so many reads. Two items.

First: To the flaggers who are trying to fill up the site with links to the Georgia Heritage Council, I don’t delete comments from the site. Everything is fair game. But, spamming is prohibited and I suggest you see the comment policy.

Second, and this is news, after a phone call I got a few minutes ago from a local friend confirming some stuff in my earlier post, I called two more folks up in DC. Here’s the story: there was a fundraising decline into Ralph’s camp (I’m told, but by folks who are not on Ralph’s team). Some lobbyist types wanted to sit out the race here in Georgia because they have to deal with a Senate wherein all but a handful have endorsed Casey Cagle. Some DC folks wanted to sit out after the Abramoff story broke. Some DC folks who don’t like Ralph wanted to go out for Casey Cagle. The second guy I talked to in DC (with whom I was hanging up while writing the first paragraph above) put it succinctly: “The Rove repayment machine is at full throttle for Ralph.”

I have also called a friend on the Hill about upcoming investigations into Abramoff. There are a few folks who think this will be bad news for Ralph Reed. That, I’m being told, will not be the case.

As I said earlier, you probably want to re-read Art of War.

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  • The Reed campaign was claiming to have the support of President Bush and implying that Bush would endorse and campaign for him in the primary. Now his story has changed to “Bush’s aides support us behind the scenes.” Next week it will probably be “they are not urging us to drop out.”

  • Ralph Reed has way too much baggage for a top ticket race, and I cannot believe that the White House or National Republican Committee would try to stick us with him. His scandals risk demoralizing our conservative base.

    I support Casey Cagle. He is an authentic conservative, not a fraud who will sell his reputation as a conservative to anyone with a checkbook.

  • I really don’t think this casino flap is going to damage him much. It will to some, however, to the mainstream it has no relevance to Georgians.

    Reed did an excellent job as Party chairman in developing “grassroots” (I hate that name) networks. He conducted many local workshops all over the state. For that he has a strong network in place.

    I’ve met Cagle and find him a decent person as well. For me, he does have some negatives. Cagle was a co-sponsor of the infamous SR5 bill that died. The bill supposedly would have allowed developers to use eminent domain powers to seize private property. If you ask me, this is more hellacious than any casino.

    His endorsement of Isakson for US Senate put him on my list of candidates to be wary of. However, Isakson has proven to be a very good senator and an outspoken advocate of Social Security reform.

    So, if the election were held today, I probably would vote for Reed. But we’ll have to see what happens once all the bricks and mud are thrown.

  • Reed is probably not as big a crook as the papers make him out to be, but he is not clean either. I do not know enough about Cagle to commit to this candidacy, but I would lean his direction at this point.

  • What is the real story on Ralph’s term as Chairman? My understanding is that the Governor and his people forced him out, and that the Governor gets red faced every time Ralph takes credit for his victory.

  • Ralph Reed is bad news, people — not because he is a Christian conservative, because he pretends to be for money and power. I say this as a Christian and as a social conservative myself!

  • Robin – Good point, all of Reed’s supposed Washington support is rumored and “behind the scenes.” Bush has not endorsed him. In fact, Reed has no public support out of Washington. Even the congressmen who endorsed him for the party chairmanship have backed away from him.

    KCL – Reed is “probably not as big a crook as the papers make him out to be.” LMAO. I hope Ralph does not choose that as his slogan.

    Moe – I do not know if Cagle can beat Reed. If Cagle stumbles, look for another candidate to get in the race. Perdue cannot afford to have Reed on the ticket with him.

  • “Purdue cannot afford to have Reed on the ticket with him”

    I think Purdue has bigger issues to worry about than Reed. How in the world can the party base get excited about Purdue? What has Purdue done to advance conservative ideas? Very little from my perspective.