Roy Moore Was Not Kicked Out For Disobeying The Law

As an Alabama voter, I am seeing a lot of people claiming that Roy Moore doesn’t “respect the law” or that he disobeyed the Constitution somehow. Ironically, many of the people making these claims are so-called “conservatives” or “republicans” that are simply parroting left-wing talking points. However, regardless of any propaganda, these facts are blatantly false.

Roy Moore did not get “kicked out of office for violating the law.” He just didn’t. That’s not even close to being true.

Want to know the truth? Roy Moore was kicked out of office by the Judicial Inquiry Commission – a mostly unelected board of attorneys that was appointed by now-convicted criminals. These are primarily business lobby-backed appointments. They issued their ruling in response to a complaint by a far-left activist group, the SPLC. If you’re a person that complains about money in politics, you need to realize that the Roy Moore decision was 100% driven by big money interests – special interest PACs, big businesses, and lobbyists took him down, not a heroic group of respectable judges.

Why was he removed from office in the first place, though? Well, supposedly, it’s because he defied the Supreme Court by ordering Probate Judges to not issue gay marriage licenses. However, that is a false narrative.

The Supreme Court ruling (Obergfell v. Hodges) overturned several state laws that were being challenged. However, no Alabama law was being challenged in the Obergfell case. Therefore, Alabama law does currently still prohibit Probate Judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Did Obergfell open the door for our law to be challenged? Yes. Has it been overturned? No. Therefore, Roy Moore was technically correct, and therefore, there were no legal grounds for removing him as Chief Justice. He had an obligation to enforce the law, and he upheld that obligation.

Let’s face it. When it comes to Roy Moore, Liberals aren’t really concerned with the “supremacy clause,” or the supposed universal authority of the Federal Government over state government. If Roy Moore was a Democrat that had defied the federal government on one of their pet issues, they’d be hailing him as a hero.

If Roy Moore had ordered judges to stop punishing drug offenders while elected as a Democrat, liberals would be throwing him a parade. If the sides of the Obergfell ruling were reversed, they’d be doing the same. This pretense that it’s about a respect for federal law is just a smokescreen. They hate conservative values. That’s all this is. I respect their right to disagree. But that’s what this is, a political disagreement. Not a legal one. if he’d done what he did for the liberals, they’d be defending him as energetically as they are now attacking him. Their anger is about opposing values, not legal procedure.

Now, before you accuse me of looking at this from a biased perspective – I actually support legalizing gay marriage. Or, more accurately, I support removing government from the marriage process entirely. It is not the role of government to regulate the personal or family lives of its citizens. Personally, I believe that marriage is a wholly religious institution – a lifelong covenant between two people and God. Other people have their own definition of marriage, and I have no intention of telling them that they can’t practice their beliefs. That’s the beautiful thing about living in America, all religions and belief systems are (or should be) respected. I agree with the Obergfell decision that those state laws should have been overturned. It’s safe to say that I disagree with Roy Moore on the marriage issue from both a theological and political perspective. However, my personal views on this matter have no bearing on the actual legal facts of the case.

Roy Moore (agree with him or not) followed the law, and was punished for doing so. Not only that, he was punished by everyone that conservatives and libertarians claim to hate – the SPLC, special interest PACs, corrupt politicians, and big corporate lobbyists. Hate him if you want, but at least get your facts straight.

Now, can someone in Colbert County please bring me a Roy Moore yard sign? My old one was damaged.

Trey Edwards is a digital media consultant in Alabama that has managed over 40 winning non-incumbent Republican campaigns. 

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