Rubio Did Very Well, But Will It Help?

My initial impressions after the debate. I don’t think anything will change in Iowa based on Thursday’s results.

Rubio did very, very well. Cruz held his own, but his attempts at humor fell a bit flat, and his pedantic nature showed through the polish.

Rubio went after evangelicals, invoking his faith several times. It probably won’t help him in Iowa, where he’s chasing Cruz and Trump. It may hurt him in NH. Tweets like this are pretty typical of freethinking New Hampshirites, and the religious crowd tends to be more subdued in their faith.

Luntz’s focus group chose Rubio as the winner, but some pegged him as angry.

I didn’t think Rubio’s anger was overwhelming. I think it was refreshing.

Trump’s absence was refreshing to me.

Cruz wanted to pursue Trump by cracking a few jokes which really didn’t go over too well. This validates Trump’s decision to sit the debate out. Nobody could make an attack stick to him when he’s not there.

In the post-debate interview with Megyn Kelly, she tried to trap Cruz with his amnesty comments, then backed off and accused him of “acting.” In reality, Cruz did a great job defending his 38-word no-amnesty amendment. The message got through.

The biggest surprise of the night was Jeb Bush, who did astoundingly well with his nemesis gone.

Rand Paul was also strong. He should never have been kicked off the main stage. He can only help keep the conversation on policy not personal insults. He brought his own cheering section reminiscent of his father.

Carson was, unfortunately, practically non-existent, and as usual, Kasich was a joke.

I liked this debate more than just about all the others. No Trump is a definite help. We’ll see how this thing turns out Monday.

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