Rubio Knocked Trump For A Standing 10 Count

Wow. What a debate.

Marco Rubio didn’t let Donald Trump come up for a breath. It was really a thing of beauty to see Rubio knock Trump around like that.

The question is: will it hurt Trump? His supporters may be so invested in their man’s success that he really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a single vote.

Marco Rubio really landed some good punches and got under Trump’s skin. Ted Cruz not so much, but Cruz was very solid.

Hitting on the high points, between Rubio and Cruz, they got Trump to admit:

  • He’s creating a new Republican Party (that is more inclusive, so it will look just like the Democrats)
  • He isn’t going to release his tax returns because he keeps getting audited
  • He supports Planned Parenthood, but still wants to defund them (a ridiculous statement)
  • He is “neutral” on Israel but pro-Israel (another ridiculous statement)

Not only did they get Trump to admit these things but they contrasted him with sane, actual conservative positions on the same issues.

Best line of the night against Trump (of so many Rubio had):

That about sums it up.

I have to wonder if so much trust has been lost between Cruz and Rubio supporters, that they can’t come together to see that this was a marvelous butt-whooping of Trump. It should have been done since the first debate.

We will see if the needle moves on any of the post-debate polls. If not, we’re all in trouble.


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