Rubio Showed He Can Beat The Snot Out Of Trump

Although naysayers are painting Marco Rubio’s performance in South Carolina as doom for conservatives (this is the wet dream of liberals like Nick Baumann at Huffington Post, who’d love to have Hillary face off against Donald), Rubio really did achieve a win.

He was in danger of being the also-ran in every primary. “Look, Rubio took third in Iowa! A win!” “Look, Rubio took fifth place in NH! A win!” Not so much.

But now Rubio’s every bit as potent as Ted Cruz, and even more so in one way. Rubio beat the snot out of Donald Trump in Columbia, SC (Richland County). He beat Trump in Charleston. He won those counties outright. He may even be awarded three delegates for taking the 1st Congressional District (I believe he did based on the numbers I’m seeing but it may be close due to precinct boundaries).

Cruz beat Trump outright in Iowa. Now Rubio has beaten Trump in populated cities in South Carolina. While they love Trump in Myrtle Beach, Rubio was only 2,038 votes behind Trump in Greenville.

In fact, Cruz plus Rubio beat Trump in 34 out of 46 counties. In most (except Myrtle Beach, where it was Trump Über Alles), by a large margin.

Cruz can beat Trump. Rubio can beat Trump. But when they run against each other, they both lose.

Before March 15, only one of Cruz or Rubio will be left standing to face Trump, or we will be hearing the liberals laughing at us all the way from LA to New York.

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