This combination of file photos shows New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, left, and President Barack Obama. This is name-dropping season for the 2016 presidential hopefuls, part of a not-so-subtle effort to boost their own appeal by borrowing from the luster of others. Christie says of Obama, "All he cares now is about his legacy and his library _ the two L’s. The two L's for Barack Obama is all that's left _ legacy and library." (AP Photo)

Rubio Slams Christie Pretty Hard

Marco Rubio’s Super PAC has a new ad out attacking Chris Christie. It slams him pretty hard and I suspect it is going to leave a mark.

By the way, Rubio knows this tactic. He used the exact same tactic against Charlie Crist and beat Crist. That Rubio’s Super PAC is airing this advertisement is an admission against interest that Chris Christie is starting to eat into Rubio’s polling.

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