Rubio Supporters, Don’t Be Like Trump Supporters

Rubio is on the rise against Cruz and Trump. It comes, like in Iowa, with Rubio surging as Cruz and Trump go to war against each other.

For months, Republicans who hate Ted Cruz demanded that he attack Donald Trump. Cruz waited and waited as the attacks against him for not attacking Trump escalated.

But once Cruz was in striking distance, he let Trump make the first move then released a torrent of attacks on Trump, coming in first in Iowa.

Now, in South Carolina, as the feud between the two escalates. Cruz is the only Presidential candidate spending major dollars against Trump. While Cruz is attacking Trump, Rubio is attacking Cruz.

It is smart politics and, in fact, it appears to be working. When Trump lost Iowa, his supporters were ready to burn Cruz to the ground and Trump himself has committed himself to destroying Cruz.

If Rubio is able to take advantage of this fight and do well, as it seems he is going to do, I would hope his supporters who are already far classier than Trump’s supporters, will remember that it was the Cruz campaign that ultimately helped him by committing itself to the destruction of Donald Trump, even at Cruz’s own expense.

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