Rush Is Right — The GOP Cannot Jim Crow Trump Voters

Rush Limbaugh noted on his program and on Fox over the weekend that the GOP Establishment’s plan now is to take the nomination from Trump at the convention. If Donald Trump has the delegate lead headed into the convention, even if it is short of 1,237, the GOP would destroy itself if they did not make Trump the Presidential nominee.

But the Washington Post reports this is in the works.

Marco Rubio wins Florida. John Kasich wins Ohio. Ted Cruz notches victories in the Midwest and Mountain West. And the results in California and other states are jumbled enough to leave Trump three dozen delegates short of the 1,237 required — forcing a contested convention in Cleveland in July.

The Republicans peddling this theory will obtain only a pyrrhic victory. The GOP itself will crumble if it does this. I am very much opposed to Donald Trump and will vote third party if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, but if he heads to the convention with the most delegates and the GOP does not make him the nominee, I’d call foul on them as well.

The Republican Party has done one thing well since 2010 — not win. They have at every opportunity pulled the football away from conservatives and negotiated their surrenders before even fighting. If the GOP plays for keeps on this, they’ll keep a party no serious person would support in the system because the signal they’ll be sending is that the party is exclusive.

Trump, though I do not like him, has brought swarms of people into the GOP. Putting out a “No Trump voters allowed” sign is Jim Crowing the GOP — a convention equivalent to segregated water fountains and delegates.

The way to beat Trump is to beat him in the primaries and caucuses, not steal from him the nomination when he gets the most votes. Playing cute by saying he needed 1,234 and came up short does not work in the real world when he has the most delegates.

This is why the GOP is having to deal with Donald Trump in the first place. The GOP elite in Washington, D.C. have lost their connection to middle America and think they can hide behind carve outs, loop holes, and side deals. They cannot any longer and Trump has exposed them for the cowards and cheats that they are.

Beat Trump at the ballot box, not the convention.

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