Russia is the Democrats’ Crutch

By now it should be abundantly obvious that President Donald Trump is innocent of the charges Democrats have made against him concerning Russia. He did not collaborate with the Russians or conspire with the Russians to steal the American election. There is no evidence of it. In fact, because there is no evidence of it Democrats have had to move the goal posts to a new argument.

If there is no there there, then why is the President so obsessed with it? If you were falsely accused, on a daily basis in the press, of collaborating with a foreign power to steal an election, I suspect you too would be obsessed with getting out the truth. The President had every right to ask the intelligence community to be forthcoming with the facts that the charges are made up because his political opponents had hoped to paint him a traitor.

The Democrats keep moving the goal posts and bringing up Russia because that is all they have. They thought they had Georgia’s sixth congressional district but, fun fact, Jon Ossoff ultimately wound up getting fewer votes than Tom Price’s most recent challenger in 2016. That guy didn’t spend anything other than the thousand dollars to qualify for the race.

So back to Russia the Democrats go. They have no agenda except putting men in women’s bathrooms, killing kids, and persecuting Christian small businesses. They cannot campaign on that so they campaign against Russia — the very country four years ago they believed was our best friend.

In 2016, Democrats ran a terrible candidate who ran a terrible campaign and they lost. They have no leader now as their precious Barry O is term limited and the only visible public faces they have are all older than Donald Trump. As one nameless Democrat congressman noted, the Democratic leadership in the House looks like the geriatric ward of a hospital. President Trump, at 70, is younger than his Democrat rivals in House leadership.

And all those Democrats know is culture war. They have been so in everyone’s face about the culture war that no one cares for them anymore. So they have manufactured the Russian grievance to avoid dealing with a painful truth: they are out of touch, ran terrible candidates, and are more reliant on luck than strategy to get elected.

There is no there there with Russia. The President is innocent of the accusations made by Democrats. He has every right to defend himself from what amounts to a group of Democrats calling him a traitor because he kicked their butt last November.

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