Sad, But Good News In Macon

It is a local way of life for most of us in Macon. We wake up in the morning, turn the radio to WMAC, and listen to Kenny B. He’s been on the air as long as I’m been in Macon.

In the past year we’ve gotten to know each other and he’s even let me fill in on the radio when he and Jami have been out of town — a job I had no idea would be so hard. It was a challenge and he has done it 5 days a week for years.

Kenny makes the morning bright. He and Jami are friendly voices who are willing to debate and challenge, but also get along well. It’s nice to have a cup of coffee or take Evelyn to daycare and listen to them.

Kenny has given his 2 weeks notice. He won’t say where he’s headed. He’ll be missed. Radio in Macon will not be the same.

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  • God bless Kenny B., I have prayed this past month for him to get an offer somewhere that he could better utilize his talents. I hope that he is being offered a position to give a conservative voice to a larger audience that reaches out of the Macon City limits. The whole County needs to be awakened.