Sad News: Oregon Senate Passes Free Abortion Bill

On Wednesday, the Oregon state Senate passed House Bill 3391 – a $10 million reproductive healthcare bill that forces insurance companies in the state to provide abortions at no cost to patients.

The legislation sailed through the state House by a vote of 33-23 and passed the state senate 17-13, all along party lines. No Republican lawmaker supports the bill, but the GOP is unable to block its passage when Democrats control all the levers of power in the state. They attempted to move the bill back to committee to remove the abortion language, but failed. Gov. Kate Brown, a former abortion lobbyist herself, is expected to sign.

Included in the legislation is a $500,000 allocation to cover illegal immigrants who are currently ineligible for the state’s medicaid program. The bill’s supporters also shot down GOP attempts to include late-term abortion bans “undertaken solely because of the known or suspected sex of the unborn child.” Residents could, theoretically, terminate a pregnancy if they are unhappy with the expected gender of the baby – for free. Taxpayers will be footing the expenses entirely.

If signed by Brown, it would likely make Oregon the most abortion-friendly state in the Union.

This is really nothing new. The Beaver State has been a pioneer in the abortion battle for years. State lawmakers permitted some abortion procedures as early as 1969. After the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling 1973, Oregon has since made the practice inexpensive and easily accessible.

Critics of HB 3391 also point to one glaring detail: this legislation is a golden goose for Planned Parenthood.

If passed, the bill would place millions of taxpayer dollars into the hands of the nation’s largest abortion provider. Many Oregon Republicans are claiming this is simply a scratch on the back to PP after years of supporting Democrats during campaign season. It is true that PP has supported Democrats in the state for a long time. In fact, Cecile Richards, national president of Planned Parenthood, even participated in fundraising emails for Gov. Brown, calling her “one of the most effective and progressive leaders this nation has ever seen.”

Senate minority communications director Jonathan Lockwood has been on the ground in Oregon and is getting the word out about the horrors of this bill. He took some time to speak with The Resurgent and explained the relationship between Gov. Brown and Planned Parenthood.

“Gov. Kate Brown got her big start as an abortion lobbyist and she’s cashed in checks from abortion providers so of course she’s going to sign this late-term and sex-selective forced abortion funding bill into law. This bill is a political gift card to Planned Parenthood while they provide some services that help women, are more interested in political action. Democrats ran this bill and forced it on the Floor so they can weaponize legislation. What’s also interesting is how shut up the Democrats were sitting on the Floor listening to Republicans dismantle every argument for passing the bill.”

We will be watching to see what the governor does.





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