Salem Media Group Radio Host Publicly Suggests the Publicly Traded Company Is Struggling (updated)

If you are a shareholder of publicly traded Salem Media Group (SALM on NASDAQ), you probably want to pay attention to a tweet by Salem radio show host John Cardillo. He broadcasts on Salem’s 880AM “The Biz” in Miami. (WZAB).

According to Cardillo, my former home, RedState, which is a subsidiary of the publicly traded Salem Media Group, is suffering a traffic downturn, which is negatively impacting revenue at the company.


I, of course, have a vested interest in this news as I served as Editor of RedState for eleven years before leaving to start The Resurgent and remain committed to its success.

Shareholders of Salem Media Group have a vested interest in the news because they are shareholders of a publicly traded company with a prominent person on payroll claiming part of the company is suffering both a loss of traffic and loss of revenue.

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I remember during the 2015 RedState Gathering, after uninviting Donald Trump from the Gathering, a local Salem host began excoriating RedState. The executives at Salem intervened because they thought it bad form for a radio host of their company to badmouth a significant part of their company — one that had just managed to get almost every Republican Presidential candidate on a stage.

I’m assuming Ed Atsinger might not be thrilled to see it happening again, especially since it is not even the truth.


Having someone on payroll publicly telling a lie about the company, when that company is publicly traded, just is not good business.

UPDATE: A friend at Salem tells me Cardillo is a host, but not an employee. Salem has some radio hosts on local networks who bring advertisers to the station in exchange or airtime. In other cases, some hosts buy their air time and have their shows. Cardillo appears to be in the outsider category and is not actually within Salem as an employee. This post has been altered to change “employee” to “radio host” to more accurately reflect the relationship.

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