Sally Kohn Tweets, Liberals Everywhere Groan

Progressivism is a fatally flawed ideology that is dangerous and self-defeating. But not every progressive is a fool or uneducated or incapable of forming and articulating rational arguments. Some are reasoned, polite, and thoughtful. Then there’s Sally Kohn.

In all sincerity if I were a progressive liberal I would beg Sally to delete her Twitter account. I would phrase it nicely, of course. I would encourage her to focus on things she’s good at. “Hey,” I’d say, “the way you go out and speak to overly-emotional, logically impaired crowds and whip them into a frenzy is top notch. Do more of that. But here, give me your phone to hold.”

And I’d say this because every time Sally thinks she has a great point to make on Twitter on behalf of progressive ideology, it always backfires and embarrasses fellow progressives. It’s a near constant facepalm. Seriously. It’s bad.

In just the last couple weeks, Sally tweeted in defense of the accuracy of leftwing media:

“Question: Other than the MLK bust, can anyone point to ONE example of REPORTING re Trump Admin in NYTimes or WaPo that been PROVEN inaccurate?”

Rational progressives everywhere cringed as she got destroyed by laundry lists including:

  • Rosenstein resignation
  • Comey wanting more money
  • Spicer hiding
  • Trump collusion with Russia
  • Rape as a preexisting condition

Then, after the London terror attacks, Sally took to Twitter again. Was she defending freedom against the maniacal butchers of radical Islam? No, she was defending political correctness of course:

“Political correctness is simple idea everyone should be treated with equal dignity & respect. It’s not cause of terrorism. It’s antidote.”

Progressives who actually function as adults in civil society crawled into a hole to avoid the coming blunt force trauma of reality being delivered to Kohn. Ben Shapiro obliged:

“Islamist terrorists don’t deserve respect, and they are not killing Londoners because people were mean to them.”

After two devastations like this, a normal progressive would slip away from Twitter for awhile, or try to bury their buffoonery under a pile of cute kitten retweets. Not Sally. She took one more swing at the fences on the London attack:

“When want [sic] ban everyone from Muslim countries but don’t want background checks for guns, clearly motive isn’t safety but discrimination.”

Even the most hardened progressive felt the wind from that giant whiff. Dana Loesch delivered the much-deserved strike-out call:

“We have background checks. Furthermore, immigration isn’t a right but firearm ownership is.”

Sweet mercy that’s rough. I’d propose a trade where progressives get to take away Sally Kohn’s Twitter account to save themselves the embarrassment if conservatives get to deactivate the President’s.

But, as hard as it may seem in the aftermath of “covfefe,” Sally is almost unquestionably a bigger goldmine for the opposition than Trump Twitter. Think about that.

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