San Francisco Liberals Thank Georgia Voters for Jon Ossoff in New Ad

The GOP has some spunk lately in its video department, weaving a clever political ad that hits Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff for being supported by 95% out-of-state funding, most of it from California. [See video above]

“Hello Georgia, San Fransisco just wanted to say thank you!” quips one girl, wearing a Pelosi/Ossoff tshirt. In the next frame, a braided hipster squeals with anticipation, “we already have Nancy Pelosi as our CongressWOMAN, now you’re gonna give us Jon Ossoff as our CongressMAN!”

Jon Ossoff has become the highly-touted newbie in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district, having narrowly lost an outright win in a crowded field of two dozen candidates last month. He is facing a runoff next month against well-known Republican Karen Handel. Democrats consider the 6th district a bellweather of sorts after several years of national defeats at every level of government. If they secure a victory here, they feel confident they can translate it into a national message for next year’s midterms.

The seat became vacant this year when its longtime representative Tom Price, a physician, was tapped by President trump to be his Secretary of Health and Human Services.  The seat, previously held by  Newt Gingrich, has been considered safely red, but Democrats see an opening with a younger, changing voter base. Then-candidate trump barely won the normally solid GOP district by a mere two points last November, leading Dems to feel they have a chance to pick off a seat they haven’t held in nearly 40 years.

The level of anti-trump backlash has yet to be fully measured in districts like this one, just north of Atlanta, Georgia. So far, Democrats have not made any electoral gains since the shocking presidential election, so the temperature is rising high, with the 6th district becoming the most expensive House race in history. 

Of course, San Francisco liberals are mocking the ad, clearly oblivious to their own identity outside the blue crescent on the left coast. Have fun with that.

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