Republican Senate hopeful Ben Sasse speaks in Lincoln, Neb., Tuesday, May 13, 2014, after winning his party's primary election. A crowd of Republican candidates jockeyed to succeed Nebraska's outgoing governor and senior U.S. senator in a busy primary election where voters also were set to select nominees for three other vacant offices. (AP Photo)

Sasse to file an amendment to reject the “Pelosi-Schumer-Trump” deal

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) announced on Thursday his intention to file an amendment for a “clean” Harvey  disaster relief bill.

Sasse’s press release slams President Trump’s Pelosi-Schumer deal, encouraging a more fiscally responsible approach to Harvey relief.

“Yesterday we saw Washington’s swamp continue to rise: Chuck Schumer wrote the art of the steal by taking hurricane relief hostage to guarantee a December showdown that favors Democratic spending priorities,” Sasse said. “Republicans should reject Schumer’s deal and instead pass the same clean aid package for Harvey victims that the House passed yesterday. My legislation would let Congress send a disaster relief bill to the President’s desk so we can help Americans in need right now and then get to work tackling the disorder in our fiscal house.” 

Sasse first mentioned his opposition to the deal in a tweet posted on Wednesday.

“The Pelosi-Schumer-Trump deal is bad,” he said.

The clean disaster relief bill passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday by a 419-3 margin.

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