Satan and His College Sex Culture

When Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently ordered a review of the Obama era campus tribunals for sexual assault cases, she was bombarded with trash headlines and unconscionable accusations about her “attacking” victims of rape. Utterly mindless drivel. Even a cursory glance at what DeVos was saying reveals it is constitutional common sense. Every person, regardless of the accusation against them (including rape and murder) is entitled to the due process of law.

Any collegiate tribunal that dispenses justice without allowing for that due process, as the Obama guidelines permitted, is flatly unconstitutional and represents a true threat to any rational sense of fairness or justice in our legal system. Unfortunately in our hyper-politicized culture, that incontrovertible fact is now subject to controversy.

That’s why it was so refreshing to see one of my favorite authors, David French, tackle the issue of sexual trauma on college campuses in the most unique, thoughtful, and meaningful way I’ve seen in a long time. He moved beyond the question of “rape culture” and addressed the larger issue of an overly sexualized campus culture in general:

The root of the problem is an ideology that deliberately attempts to strip sex of its inherent spiritual meaning and transform it into little more than transactional, physical, pleasure seeking behavior.

You honestly don’t have to be a Christian to understand what French is saying. The root of the problems we are experiencing with sexual assault don’t stem from bad manners, lack of condoms, or the patriarchy. They stem from rebellion to the natural law and moral order of the Creator that extends to human sexuality. If we rebel against that, it’s bound to end poorly.

French points out that the party scene on most campuses is primarily focused on sex. But even there, you see the moral order that is embedded into our hearts cautioning young people (particularly young women) that sex should mean something more than this. In tragic immaturity and rebellion, our young people combat their “inhibitions” when they should be embracing and listening to them.  They turn to the party scene – using alcohol to dull their resistance and “free” their bodies. The consequence? French writes,

Young men and women engage in a deeply spiritual, deeply meaningful act with minds clouded, hearts uncertain, and emotions raw. They bind themselves together in the way that only husband and wife should unite, and while some people sail through like they’re on a carnival ride, many others are left the next day with a searing, horrifying question dominating their minds — if sex is so great, why do I hurt so much?

And of course the damage isn’t confined to them alone. It will ripple outward and affect relationships present and future. It will affect their offspring. It will affect everything, including their most important relationship with their Creator. And that’s the tell. That’s the moment you know what – or who – is behind this tragic sex culture devastating our progeny: Satan. The Father of Lies has found a deception that is undoing our best and brightest, introducing them to a lifetime of regret:

The core problem isn’t the alcohol. The core problems are the big lies about sex itself. The need for alcohol betrays the existence of the lies. Consider the contrast between the hookup culture — the ultimate expression of transactional sexuality — and sex in committed relationships. Booze is the common denominator of the hookup, but its presence typically diminishes the greater the bond between the man and the woman. Ask a happily married couple if they need bourbon before sex and they might look at you like you’re insane.

If we were a godly, righteous, and logical people, this is the conversation we would be having on college campuses. But we’re not. We’re self-absorbed, self-worshipping egotists who have found the idol of sexuality captivating and irresistible.

Satan couldn’t be happier.

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