Satan Wants Your Silence

To my Christian friends, it is increasingly apparent to me that world weariness is a tool used by the devil to capture our friends and family. We become so weary of the daily grind and the culture war that we just decide to sit it out. We just shut up. But how many people will never hear the truth because of it and how many will abandon truth because of it.

I’m particularly thinking of the outrage over the Nashville Statement, which really does just two basic things. The first is that it affirms marriage is between a man and a woman and the second is that it affirms homosexuality and transgenderism are incompatible with godliness. Both of these are statements grounded directly in scripture from the New Testament. But people are having absolute meltdowns about them. Jen Hatmaker, who has abandoned the faith for one of her own creation, thinks it is all mean spirited.

The opponents are making emotional arguments devoid of scripture. They have let emotion become their doctrine. But this is the key you need to understand — they are so vocal and loud because they want you to shut up and be quiet. That way no one is around to speak up when they tell your children God is okay with sin and the Bible is not inerrant.

I think when we confront world weariness we need to prayerfully and winsomely speak up. There is no need to be shrill or mean. You are going to be accused of that anyway. But being silent is what Satan is hoping for. He hopes to drown out the truth with a whirlwind of lies. But the truth will still set you free and I think we need to make sure our children understand the truth and embrace it and understand it is important.

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