Adoption form and children’s picture. (I am owner of picture.)

Save the Adoption Tax Credit

Sadly, Republicans in Congress want to kill the adoption tax credit. While its “cost” to the tax plan amounts to only around $1 million of the $1.5 trillion total cost, the adoption tax credit makes it possible for many people to adopt who otherwise would not.

Most children are adopted into lower middle income and middle income families. The cost of an adoption runs upwards of $60,000.00. The tax credit only defrays costs up to $13,490.00, but that really matters to those families.

Children adopted into families also put less strain on state services. The longer a child remains in foster and state orphan care, the more the state’s expense on those children go up. The GOP often talks about dynamic scoring, but they are ignoring this aspect when factoring the cost of the tax credit.

The pro-life, pro-family claims of the GOP must seriously be questioned if they can keep funding Planned Parenthood while killing the adoption tax credit.

Please text the word ADOPT to 52886 and demand the GOP restore the adoption tax credit to their tax reform plan.

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