Scaramucci: “Prove You Didn’t Leak”

He’s at it again.

After his late-night tweet threatening the White House Chief of Staff with an FBI investigation, newly-minted Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci doubled down, danced sideways, and did the Fandango the way only a New York salesman can. His call into CNN’s New Day morning show proved to be a mind-numbing master class in how to sell suicide to an army, which may be the very thing he’s doing with this administration.

After news organizations exploded with the FBI bombshell last night, Scaramucci deleted the tweet (a very common practice lately for the “transparent” communications director), then had the audacity to declare a negative: Reince must prove he’s NOT the leaker. Why, exactly? Because Scaramucci’s allegedly innocent tweet last night just confirmed that reporters know who the leakers are. “When I put out a tweet and I put Reince’s name in the tweet, they’re all making the assumption that it’s him, because journalists know who the leakers are.” Therefore, it’s their fault for *accidentally* confirming it was Reince, by assuming that’s who Scaramucci meant.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s like “Lefty” Ruggiero got a better suit, combed his hair and jumped the podium. Next thing, it’s our fault the White House is in chaos, because we described it happening, right? It’s our fault. Always.

In one short week, we’ve seen the Mooch claim he’s a straight shooter, then claim he’s straightly… not answering” the question being asked.

He’s yelled at an interviewer about leaks, because they knew of staff shakeups before he announced it, then was exposed as being the leaker of that information himself in another interview.

He insisted the president isn’t elitist when interviewing with the BBC because of the “pizza, [and] the cheeseburgers we eat,” *wait, what? Rich people don’t eat pizza?!* then admitted “he’s both! He knows how to operate in an elitist world, and he has unbelievable empathy.” Then, he insulted the reporter, “but you’re coming off as a little bit elitist” for the questioning.

Now, he threatens the Chief of Staff with the FBI on twitter, then claims we all got it “WRONG,” even though White House sources admitted to multiple news organizations that it was true. Then, this morning, he essentially admitted it was Reince he was aiming for, saying it was reporters’ reactions that smoked him out. About a “leak” that didn’t happen anyway. (The financial disclosure was made public via a FOIA request last week)

His fallback argument is apparently to make his target prove a negative – make a claim, get a denial, then demand proof you didn’t do what you didn’t do. It’s like Happy Loman in Death of a Salesman trying to be the wolf of Wall Street. He’s not even very good at it.

Our message to the White House is simple: Please stop lying about things you don’t need to lie about.

This daily drama isn’t even “populism.” It’s just plain arrogance.






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