Schilling To Join Breitbart: No, They Are Not The Devil

Curt Schilling is joining Breitbart, according to a New York Magazine report.

On Monday, Breitbart plans to announce that former Red Sox pitcher and Trump supporter Curt Schilling will begin hosting a daily online radio show featuring political commentary and calls from listeners. The broadcast will eventually include a video livestream.

Yes, Breitbart has become a shameless shill for Donald Trump. Yes, Stephen Bannon proudly works for the doomed Trump campaign. Yes, there will probably be some morphing or merging of Breitbart into a Trump media property post-election (but not named

And yes, Schilling is considering a Senate run in 2018. I would still vote for him, and support his candidacy if he runs.

Why? You might ask, because I, from the beginning, have been a quintessential NeverTrumper. And Breitbart is all about everything Trump, even sacrificing practically all their journalistic ethics for the cause of one man’s moonshot.

Here’s why.

This election will soon be over, and Breitbart is not beyond redemption. As I wrote in my post about Schilling’s run:

When people like Schilling–and there are sure to be others–show the courage and interest to defend those issues, we conservatives need to be there to support them. We need to forgive and forget, even when the sins were committed in the name of baldfaced commercialism and self-interest.

Post-Trump, we need to be mindful that Breitbart stood for values we conservatives believe in. Just because they did some rather dumb things (publishing a defense of the alt-right being one, not to mention the entire Lewandowski/Michelle Fields kerfuffle) isn’t reason to call them the devil and wish “away with them!”

There will be a lot of recriminations on both sides of the Trump divide after November 8th. It’s incumbent on all of us to remain calm and carry on, not impute every character flaw of Donald Trump to each of his supporters.

So Schilling joining Breitbart is good for Breitbart, and good for Schilling. I wish them both success. After the election, we will need them fighting for conservative values, not against us because of Trump bitterness.

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