Prime Minister Menachem Begin, right, wraps his arms around Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson (D.Wash) as they meet in Jerusalem Monday, July 2, 1979. Jackson is in Israel to attend an international conference on terrorism. (AP Photos/Max Nash)

Scoop Jackson Republicans

Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson was a Democrat in the era of pro-life, conservative Democrats who hated communists, loved America, and could relate to the blue collar workers of the rust belt.

Jackson was loved by labor unions, hated by communists, and hated by liberals. He was a candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1972 and 1976, losing first to McGovernor and then to Carter.

If you heard any of Donald Trump’s speech in Ohio last night, you’ll hear the echoes of Jacksonian democracy in it — Scoop with a scoop of Andrew to go with it.

Trump’s speech was all about “made in America,” build up American infrastructure, hire Americans, and build up the military. He wanted less business regulations, tax reform, and he is going to make America awesome.

Concurrently, Trump’s campaign was confirming Trump wants General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to be the Secretary of Defense, which will really be again the War Department under Mattis’s leadership. Mattis is a twenty-first century George S. Patton who is willing to and loves to kill for his country. “I like shooting people,” Mattis once said. He’s a war machine who was pushed out of command by Barack Obama because Mattis was too hostile toward Iran.

The Democratic Party seems to be evolving into a secular version of the Rockefeller Republicans. They are patrician nanny-staters who want to help blacks as long as their kids can be kept out of the Democrats’ private schools. They don’t want to fight ISIS so much as accommodate it and rationalize it.

It’s like we are witnessing the parties trade places, but trading back a half-century. Trump’s GOP is becoming the home for union, blue collar workers and the post-Obama Democrats are turning into the party of Nelson Rockefeller.

Republicans will get the Democrats who like Israel, actually love America, and hate those who hate America. Democrats will get the Episcopalians and college professors.

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