Scott MacKenzie, Dan Backer, and the SCAMPac

I put their names in the title because I think anyone who google’s their names needs to know what is going on. This is an absolute must read about the greed and corruption inside the tea party movement.

I can’t tell you how angry it makes me that so many people have gotten scammed into giving money to political organizations that do nothing to pay the salaries and lifestyles of their organizers.

If I see organizations are affiliated with some of these people, it is a big red flag to me to stay away and to dissuade people from contributing. I just don’t trust them.

POLITICO last year reviewed the activity of 33 conservative PACs for the 2014 cycle. Combined, they raked in $43 million dollars, according to the POLITICO report. Of that, $39.5 million went to overhead including $6 million to entities owned by PAC operators; candidates got $3 million. Another report analyzed 17 conservative PACs from the 2014 midterm. It came up with different numbers than POLITICO, finding that the bottom 10 PACs in terms of the ratio of spending to actual candidate support received $54,318,498 and spent only $3,621,896 supporting candidates.

I maintain a very small list of groups I support and think spend their money well: Club For Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project, Heritage Action for America, and Freedomworks. You can give them money and know the money is under good stewardship and going to the cause. There are not many groups you can say that about in the conservative movement these days.

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