Scrambled Eggs and Fudgesicles

Election Day is like labour day for me. The week before the election, I get these weird food cravings like I’m pregnant.

I’ve satisfied the chicken biscuit craving. I’ve satisfied the Spinach-Bacon Egg Souffle craving. Now I’ve found my brand of fudgesicles. All I need is chicken pot pie, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and some bacon and the GOP will be set for victory.

But, of course, should I fail in my mission to satisfy my food cravings, the GOP is toast. Spare the waistline, destroy the party I always say.

Funny, until I got to know Mike Gravely in 2002, who some of you know, this never happened. Poor Michael had to gain 15 points in the month before the election or he was convinced the candidate he was working for would lose. Well, he only made it up to 11 pounds in the summer of 2002, and Phil Gingrey beat Cecil Staton in the Republican primary for Congress. If only we’d stuffed him with more tacos.

Now back to my fudgesicle (Blue Bell brand, they’re the creamiest) and beer.

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