SCRUB Might Do Something Not Seen Since Chester A. Arthur

SCRUB is one of my favorite pieces of legislation. The Democrats fought it tooth and nail, which means it will probably be effective. For just $30 million, the “Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome” (SCRUB) Act would give Congressional authority to President Trump’s task forces to root out and dismantle the administrative state.

The Democrats tried to exempt student loan regulations, Title I rules, Clean Air Act rules, Tribal government rules (?!), and whistleblower protections (that one from Elijah Cummings). All amendments denied. They tried to send it back for debate. Failed.

They voted against it (although 11 Democrats voted Yea, and 5 Republicans voted Nay), but SCRUB passed the House.

Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins identified one of the many silly rules that will certainly get the axe (I hope). The Hill reported:

“A case in point: Did you know that trains have to have an ‘F’ painted on the front of them so that people can tell which end is the front?” Collins asked.

“I don’t know about you, but I believe Americans can tell the front from the back of a train. We have got to identify existing business regulations like this that are outdated and simply don’t make sense anymore and start taking steps to repeal them.

The bipartisan commission SCRUB creates will presumably work with Trump’s individual task forces within the specific agencies of the executive branch. Since each of these agencies was created by Congress, it makes sense that Congress gets to put its thumbprint on their gutting.

This bill, more than any other I’ve seen in the Congressional Review Authority parade–which has been substantial, actually–gives me hope that maybe, just possibly, the administrative state run by faceless bureaucrats and lobbyists might actually shrink during Trump’s term. It could very well be the first time since Chester A. Arthur took on the civil service and the Post Office that this has happened.

I don’t care if Trump does nothing else conservative. This and nominating Judge Gorsuch make his presidency worth it.

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