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Sean Davis: Trend Setter (Also, Your Must Read of the Day)

This piece is not actually written by my friend Sean Davis, rather Sean Davis is the trend setter. My friend Sean has, for several years now, routinely pointed out just how wrong Neil deGrasse Tyson is about so much stuff and, on the stuff Tyson is right about, how Tyson sucks the fun and wonder out of everything.

He’s a prime example of how atheism is just boring misery and the folks who worship science as their god are insufferable and often wrong.

Wired magazine, of all places, is running this essay that, I don’t think, would have happened had Sean Davis not been relentlessly beating this drum for some time.

Just read this one small portion:

“Or when his TV show Cosmos described the sixteeth-century astrologer Giordano Bruno as a martyr for science, executed by the Catholic church for proposing a heliocentric solar system. See how the idiots persecute us, the rational, with their superstition and their hostility to objective thought. The reality—that Bruno believed in magic, worshipped the ancient Egyptian god Thoth, and was executed not for heliocentrism but for denying the divinity of Christ—is ignored, because that isn’t F**king Science Love. Or when he decided that ‘Italy valued cathedrals while Spain valued explorers. So worldwide, five times as many people speak Spanish than Italian.’ A spurious reconstruction of the past from present conditions, or the I F**king Love Scientific theory of history: successful tribes were populated by little atavistic Carl Sagans; if Italians didn’t slaughter millions in the New World it isn’t because the peninsula was at the time fractured into multiple city-states (some of them occupied by, uh, Spain) which supplied significant amounts of capital rather than colonists, it’s because they weren’t interested in spaceships.”

Go now and read the whole thing.

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