Sean Spicer Tears Into Reporter: “You Are Part of the Confusion”

If the Trump administration has done anything significant, they have certainly changed the way the White House interacts with the media. Tuesday’s press briefing looks like a harbinger of the next few years in Washington.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer had some choice words for and NBC News reporter over their claim that Trump administration officials failed to brief everyone involved involved in enforcing the controversial executive order putting a moratorium on immigration from certain countries known for harboring terrorists.

Spicer’s somewhat testy exchange with Kristin Welker came after NBC News cited a New York Times story which was later denied by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

“With all due respect, I think you have been part of the confusion,” Spicer told Welker.

Spicer blasted the reporter for NBC and MSNBC’s reporting — which was based on the Times’ report — that Kelly and others within the administration were “left out of the loop” until Trump had already signed the order.

“Your network was one of the people that just hours ago told people that Kelly was unaware of what was going on, and then hours later he gets on air saying, ‘Here’s how many times I was briefed,’” Spicer charged.

When Welker pointed out that NBC’s story was relying on the Times’ report, Spicer replied, “So I apologize that NBC News’s reporting is based on the Times’ false reporting.”

Here’s a clip of the exchange:

I still remain cautiously optimistic about the Trump presidency – and I know I’m not alone – but it’s refreshing and entertaining to see his administration giving back some of what the media has dished out for years. Good for Sean Spicer.

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