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  • The men and women that serve are so much more than political statements. My son sent me a video of “Love Me when I’m Gone” telling me to play it if something happened to him. It is on my desktop, and I do not know how to send it, but I found another online that is similar but without the war footage shots.

    I want to share what it means to me and my son for his dedication to Country. I took him to Valley Forge; to Gettysburg; to see the Liberty Bell; to Andersonville and instilled in him that “freedom is not free.” His grandfather fought at the Battle of the Bulge and lost a brother there. As I have wrote many times, but I never will tire of sharing the hero that we loved and cherished, my son’s friend, Sgt. Kelley Lance Corporal who left behind a wife and two children in Fallujah Oct 30, 2004. Let us never forget those that give all. I invite the readers to watch this video, and try to understand the sacrifice of those that die for our freedom. This is often my life when I wake up thinking about the war or when I have not been able to sleep yet. God bless.