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Segregation is so 2016. (Alternate Headline: The KKK Has Won.)

The KKK would be proud. Minority students at Berkeley (and elsewhere) have pro-actively separated from white students, even engaging in physical confrontation in order to force themselves away from whites.

The Federalist’s Bre Payton has the story:

One protestor complained there were too many white students in classrooms.

“When you walk into a class, what’s the majority in there?” one student angrily asked.

“I’m telling you, man, this is bigger than you,” a protestor told white student who was being blocked from passing by. “This is about ‘whiteness,’ this is not about you.”

Not all minorities were created equal (unequal?):

Many white and Asian students were forced to take a dirt path through brush in order to skirt the protestors as they chanted: “Go around! Go around!” The protestors then moved to the student store, where they began to chant “Students over profit!” apparently in objection to the fact the store makes money from the items they sell.

Fifty-two years after the Civil Rights Act became law, ending Jim Crow laws that forced blacks and whites to separate, a loud and apparently influential segment of today’s up-and-coming adult generation is forcing a throwback.

I cannot believe this incident and others like it represent a majority of black, Hispanic, and other college students in America. First, too many people have to recognize that these students have no grip on social reality. Second, I think we’d not see these sorts of loud and disruptive protests mostly limited to far-left colleges.

But it is time for college officials to halt these assaults upon decency, equality, social progress, and people. It’s growing too fast, and becoming too powerful.

A video of the Berkeley incident is making the rounds. It can be seen here and below:

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