Sen. Kamala Harris Beclowns Herself at Pompeo Confirmation Hearing

Democrats aren’t tone-deaf. They just only know two or three notes.

A freshman Senator from California, Kamala Harris, beclowned herself at Mike Pompeo’s CIA confirmation hearing by ensuring Pompeo was familiar with her version of the agency’s mission.

Yes! All agencies in the Obama administration were required to recite our national security priorities by heart:

  • Perfecting racial and gender diversity through quotas
  • Fighting Islamophobia through outreach (especially NASA)
  • Saving the world by accepting all SCIENCE™ supporting manmade global warming / climate change
  • Promoting the special rights of the LGBT community
  • Embracing abortion for everyone

Harris grilled Pompeo on two of these, as if he were appointed by President Obama, not soon-to-be President Trump.

Not only did she read the talking points flawlessly from her printed notes, she also cited the debunked “97 percent consensus” figure as if it were gospel truth and the oceans were lapping at the Shenandoah foothills.

Pompeo, to his credit, answered that he didn’t necessarily agree with the catastrophic prognostications of climate change doomsayers, and that he saw the CIA’s mission as “keeping America safe.”

To which Harris replied, “Sir, I’m not clear. Do you believe that NASA’s findings are debatable?” (My italics.) Of course they’re debatable. That’s really the whole point of real science, which uses the scientific method. That method says nothing about if x percent of scientists agree on something, that it’s no longer debatable.

The hypotheses of predicted disaster if climate change isn’t reversed have not come to pass. Therefore, by definition, the premises, observations, and data upon which those hypothesis are based are in fact subject to debate.

If the CIA were run the way Democrats like Harris would like to run the world, we’d all be Communists drinking Vodka by now.

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