Senate Democrats Hate Average Americans

Don’t ever let the Democrats in the Senate fool you. They hate you. And they are offering further proof today.

It is not against the law in this country for employers to demand their employees speak English. In fact, the average American — heck, a solid majority of Americans — believe English should be the national language. Despite it not being against the law, the EEOC routinely files lawsuits against employers who refuse to hire non-English speakers. The EEOC hides behind “ethnic discrimination” while their evidence is always that the proof of the discrimination is a failure to hire because the person does not have a command of the English language.

Senator Lamar Alexander wants to do something about that. Hs’s proposing legislation to make it crystal clear to the EEOC that it is perfectly legitimate for speaking English to be a job requirement.

But dingy Harry Reid is blocking it. The Senate Democrats hate that you think our national language should be English and they hate employers who want employees to be able to actually communicate with customers in English.

The number of charges filed with the EEOC alleging discrimination based on such English-only policies is six times larger that it was 10 years ago, Alexander said, growing from 32 charges in 1996 to about 200 in 2006.

At a Senate hearing on the matter in May, Alexander told EEOC Chair Naomi Earp, “I find this to be an astonishing waste of your time and taxpayer money to … by your lawsuit – require every single employer in America to worry that they will face litigation if they require English to be spoken in the workplace.”

Just remember – the Democrats would rather sell out to multi-culti special interests than do anything an average American wants because, well, average citizens are less special than elite liberal interests.

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  • “Despite it not being against the law, the EEOC routinely files lawsuits against employers who refuse to hire non-English speakers…”

    “Not against the law”? Hengh? True to the conservative spirit, we have here a fine example of a mindless bit of blather that makes one wonder whether its author is consciously bullshitting, or actually believes his own line of nonsense.

    Try brushing up on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and as interpreted by the courts. Without a “reasonable business justification,” it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of lack of English skills.

    I mean, come on… you don’t have to like the state of the law, but at least acknowledge it. Sheesh.