Senate Sources: Leadership Setting Up Conservatives for Blame on Obamacare Repeal

Ted Cruz has a pretty simple offer to save the repeal effort. Though even Cruz’s plan would not go far enough to actually repeal Obamacare, it would make a significant dent in the plan. Basically, Cruz would allow people to buy plans that did not cover everything Obamacare mandates as long as insurance companies offered Obamacare compliant plans.

Right now, Obamacare requires that men pay for their pregnancies, women pay for their prostate exams, and the elderly pay for their pediatric dental visits. The idea is to make everyone cover everyone else’s issues to lower costs overall. The reality is that this has driven up costs and many people have bought the cheapest Obamacare compliant plans possible, which many doctors do not accept. To use them, the insured has to go to a hospital.

Cruz’s plan would lower costs for a lot of people and provide them insurance doctors would accept. But liberal Republicans in the Senate oppose the proposal, some just because Cruz is the one who came up with and they don’t want to give him credit. Instead of twisting their arms, Senate sources tell me that the Senate GOP leadership is going to throw the conservatives under the bus.

The talking point will be that the Senate conservatives were unwilling to negotiate and presented a “take it or leave it” offer that was unacceptable to most of their colleagues. Using friendly editorialists and pundits, the GOP leaders will lay the blame for failing to repeal Obamacare at the feet of the conservatives.

The reality is that the liberal Republicans have campaigned for years on Obamacare repeal and they never really wanted it repealed. They thought Hillary Clinton was going to be President so they could keep calling for repeal. With Trump as President, they are exposed.

So now they have to blame the conservatives.

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