Senator Heitkamp, Democrat Group Mislead Hunters on Licenses and Voting

With Kevin Cramer leading and expected to win #NDSen, his challenger and state Democrats are pulling this cheap shot.


Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) is the most vulnerable Democrat running for re-election in the U.S. Senate this cycle.


RealClearPolitics puts her race in the Likely Republican category and shows her opponent, Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-ND), leading an average of +11.4 points. The incumbent senator thinks she can recover after voting “No” against now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and a consistent record of voting in-line with Senator Chuck Schumer. Good luck with that.


Since national and state Democrats are desperate to hold onto her seat, they’ve resorted to the worst tactics to save face. In fact, they are targeting hunters in the state with misleading messages about losing out-of-state hunting privileges if they vote next Tuesday. Huh?


A Facebook page associated with North Dakota Democratic- Nonpartisan League Party, called Hunter Alert, posted this ad. Note: the page was created two days ago:


When you click through the ad link, it goes to this message:

The group, North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party, is responsible. This group is closely affiliated with the national Democrat Party of America, making it their North Dakota wing. When you click the social media icons, it takes you to their Facebook and Twitter pages:


Sec. 1 To Develop and enact public policy that is beneficial to the people of the State of North Dakota and the nation;


Sec. 2 To promote the election of candidates of integrity to hold public office who are dedicated to serve the people;


Sec. 3 To inform the citizens of matters of public concern so the people are able to make decisions on the basis of fact;


Sec. 4 To encourage the participation without discrimination of as many people as possible in the political process.


Senator Heitkamp was recently pressed on the ad.


“I’m sure a lot of the kind of transition that people have on voting — it means that you are a resident,” she said. “It means that you pay taxes here. It means that if you want a residential hunting license in Minnesota, you aren’t going to get that if you vote here.”


The interviewer asks her, “Is that even true? Could you lose your hunting license if you vote?”


Heitkamp responded, “If your hunting license is a residential license in another state, so that’s one area where you see differences in how, you know, we do not treat in-state hunting licenses the same way as out-of-state hunting licenses in North Dakota.”


There’s no iota of truth to this statement. You only lose the ability to hunt out-of-state if you’ve been criminally charged with crimes that bar you from hunting altogether, misdemeanors related to wildlife crimes, or don’t renew your non-resident hunting licenses. You don’t lose your right to hunt IF you vote—especially if you vote for Republicans.


Republicans promote right to hunt and fish (RTHF) amendments and are generally seen as the “pro-hunting” party—especially as national Democrats get substantial financial backing from radical environmentalist groups and bundlers who are wholly opposed to hunting.

Heitkamp and North Dakota Democrats are pulling tricks to cast stones at Congressman Cramer’s momentum and it’s not working. Hunters and other voters will see through these shady tactics. Congratulations are in order to the future U.S. Senator from North Dakota, Kevin Cramer.

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