Senator James Lankford Takes on ABC For Labeling Christian Organization a Hate Group

On July 12, 2017, reporters Pete Madden and Erin Galloway, writing for ABC News, referred to the Alliance Defending Freedom (“ADF”) as an “anti-LGBT hate group” suggesting Attorney General Jeff Sessions was speaking behind closed doors to ADF. In fact, Sessions released the transcript of his remarks to the ADF.

ADF is a group that coordinates pro bono Christian legal representation around the country and has been unfairly labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because ADF represents Christians being persecuted for their refusal to provide goods and services to same sex weddings, among other things.

ABC News’s reporters took a leftwing activist group’s characterization and labeled ADF a hate group in their report. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma is having none of it and is sending a letter to the President of ABC News calling him out on the network’s biases.

“Since I think I can confidently assume that ABC news is a strong supporter of the First Amendment, why would ABC News label a peaceful group as a ‘hate group’ simply because of a difference of opinion?” the Senator asks. It is a great question and it is one ABC News should answer.

You can read Senator Lankford’s letter here:

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