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Senator Jim DeMint Defends Ted Cruz

I filled in for Herman Cain earlier today and had on Senator Jim DeMint, the current President of the Heritage Foundation and former Senator from South Carolina.

The interview was about the Supreme Court, but I had to ask DeMint about the attacks on Cruz in South Carolina. Neither Cruz nor Rubio would be in the Senate but for Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund supporting them.

Senator DeMint told me he knows Ted Cruz, knows he is honest, and knows that the attacks are coming because Cruz fights Washington. Washington politicians, in turn, have decided they have to take out Ted Cruz.

You can listen to that part of the interview from the Herman Cain Show here. Keep in mind that Jim DeMint said nice things about Marco Rubio too and, as a spokesman from the Heritage Foundation tells me, “the Heritage Foundation does not support or oppose any candidate for elective public office. DeMint has not and will not make personal endorsements in this race, and these comments were made in his personal capacity.”

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