Senatorial Whores Who Hate Ted Cruz Use His Image To Fundraise

I just got this email from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the group that hates Ted Cruz.

I found your name while reviewing our list of Senator Ted Cruz supporters.

Since we only have a handful of Senator Ted Cruz shirts left, I wanted to make sure you had the chance to claim your shirt before we sell out!

Order your Senator Ted Cruz shirt today

You can see the image above. Or go here to see it. That’s the fundraising page.

Ted Cruz’s colleagues have been kicking the snot out of him. They will not defend him on the birther remarks. They are willing to cast their lot with Donald Trump. They have been whispering on background and publicly to reporters about how much they hate Ted Cruz.

But they are using his image in a fundraiser.

Whores. Every dollar raised by the NRSC will go to defeat Senate Republican candidates who support Ted Cruz. Every dollar raised goes to help guys like Mitch McConnell. They must think you are stupid.

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