Send A Box Of Diapers To a Democrat In Congress

College students all over America are being treated to the mother of all sit-ins, in which Democrats, in a fit of pique, are holding their breath until they turn blue or get their way with a gun control vote.

Having lost all momentum in the Senate, which did nothing at all, the unhappy Democrats are acting like college freshmen looking for a safe space after being told they don’t get to run things on campus. And to be sure, the Democrats are–literally, actually, and in fact–the minority party. That means they don’t get to dictate the floor agenda in the House of Representatives.

More than six hours after the sit-in began, Ryan said on CNN he would not schedule a vote on bills that have already been defeated in the Senate. “This is a publicity stunt,” Ryan said. “This isn’t trying to come up with a solution to a problem. This is trying to get attention.”

The Democrats are acting like two-year-olds throwing a tantrum in the toy department at Walmart.

And they look silly doing it.

And they are displaying a shocking hatred of democracy, a rejection of the Constitution, and a love of the kind of tin-hat dictatorial idiocy we see in places like Bolivia and Venezuela.

Let’s review, shall we? The Senate had four options, two of which the Democrats favored, which trash the Second and Sixth Amendments, and one of which would accomplish what they’ve asked for–stopping genuine terror threats from purchasing deadly weapons using the terror “watchlist” while preserving due process.

The Senate Democrats killed everything except the failed programs they wanted, which Republicans voted down. Now, faced with (earned) anger from their constituents who shout “Do something!” the House Democrats are resorting to useless gestures. As Erick wrote, if they had any courage, they’d shut down the House completely. They blame Republicans for shutting down the government over Obamacare, which was shoved down our throats by an engineered party vote, but they won’t do that themselves.

We should all pitch in and send boxes of diapers to every Democrat in the House of Representatives. They are acting like infants in the face of very serious national security issues that deserve adult attention.

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