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Dear Pastors of America,

This coming Sunday is the first anniversary of the United States Supreme Court redefining an institution ordained by God himself in the Garden. For thousands of years marriage has been between one man and one woman. Christ Jesus himself recognizes the institution as such. The world’s major religions recognize marriage as such. But in the name of happiness, five black robed oligarchs have redefined the institution and Christians are now being forced to provide goods and services in support of that redefinition.

Every year pastors across America preach on life for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. As pressure grows on the Christian church in America to go along with the redefinition of marriage, it is necessary for pastors to stand up and be strong and proclaim that the institution God ordained cannot be changed by men.

I implore you to adopt this coming June 26th as a time to preach on marriage and Genesis 1 and 2. Remind people that God made us male and female. We get no say in the matter. Remind people that God created the institution of marriage. Be bold and do it this week. The wolves of the world are prowling at the doors of your flock. You must commit to not only encouraging them, but also making sure they know what God has ordained and established.

Preach on marriage this coming Sunday, pastor. Don’t let your congregation conclude it does not matter because you do not preach on it. Don’t let them resolve in their hearts and minds that it does not matter when you know that it does.

Preach on marriage this coming Sunday.


Erick Erickson

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