Seriously, Read the Comments on this Kushner Holocaust Heroic Tale

Jared Kushner’s family has some serious street cred at battling Nazis, but liberal politics won’t let some people accept it.

The Times of Israel published a fascinating and heroic story of the Kushner family during WWII, Jared’s grandmother Rae, as a teenager, not only survived the Holocaust, but helped dig the longest tunnel ever used to escape a Nazi ghetto, led hundreds to freedom, and then joined Jewish partisans to fight her enemies.

In what became one of Belarus’ best-known Holocaust stories, Rae helped lead prisoners through the weeks-in-the-making escape tunnel, which was the longest of its kind in Nazi-occupied Europe and facilitated the biggest escape through a tunnel by Jews.

Rae Kushner was a legitimate badass.

Now we scroll down to the bottom of the Times of Israel post, into the slithering snake pit known as the comments section. Erick told me never to read the comments, and with good reason. It’s why we don’t have a comment section here at The Resurgent.

But sometimes comment sections can be more revealing of the reader and culture than just a collection of trolls on a website.

Here’s one from Susannah Greenberg, who swung and missed the point entirely.

This is how Nazism got its foothold. Complicity, silence. RESIST. Trump is the new Hitler. Face the reality. Kushner is too busy scooping up the money to see the writing is on the wall, the swastikas in fact.

Wut? There’s more.

Jared is a tragic falling off from his heritage and defiles the memory of this woman. She was a self sacrificing hero. He is a spineless, greedy, self serving criminal. So was his father. Jared has done nothing to decry the new wave of anti semitic acts and neo nazism that Trump has wrought. Kushner is silent. Shame! Tragic.

Kushner is an observant, Orthodox Jew. He is friendly with Israel and hard on the Palestinian leaders. Susannah Greenberg wrote that Jared and his dad Charles “are not worthy to be descendents of Rae who I’m sure would be rolling in her grave at the thought…”

Let’s see. Charles Kushner was convicted of various campaign-related crimes in 2005, and his mother died in 2004. Setting aside the fact that speaking of someone’s mother and grandmother in that way is extremely offensive, I’m pretty sure Rae would take up for her son, knowing how Jewish mothers are (I had one).

Here’s one from someone calling themselves “DC Sardine, Senior Professor at Sardinia University” (right!).

Because all this is merely a paean to Jared. The worthy grandmother only has value in today’s press when illuminated by the magnificent halo of Jared, a halo such as only countless millions of US dollars shining concurrently can project. A halo that can vie with God’s own laws, and secure exemptions.

Myrna Solganick of UW Madison (I do believe that), wrote:

Its preposterous for the Times of Israel to be celebrating Jared Kushner. For one thing, he cannot rest on the laurels of his forebearers. For another, he has done NOTHING to stand up to the dictatorial, ignorant and fascist policies of his father in law. His family may have been brave but Kushner is just a spoiled rich boy. It is reprehensible to me, as an American Jew, to hear the TImes laud a young man who is complicit with the policies of his father- policies, for that matter, fly in the face of everthing Israel and Judaism stand for.

To which Cameron O’Sullivan of Grand Rapids, Michigan, as Irish as Patty’s Pig as my stepfather would say, offered the perfect response.

Left wing Jews are one of the most delusional groups on the planet earth.

After that great start, O’Sullivan veered off into historical inaccuracy and la-la land, claiming “Israel was founded by ethnic nationalist far right wingers.” LOL, no. Israel was founded by socialists mixed with a few Orthodox Jews and a generous helping of intellectual elites. But the first sentence was great.

Read the threads for yourself. They have nothing to do with the bravery and desperation of the Kushner family, which for Jared, was within living memory. He was born in 1981 and certainly heard these stories from the source.

It seems we are in greater danger of trashing the lessons of the Holocaust when we let politics get in the way of its memory. Some liberal Jews are no better than Holocaust-deniers when they say things like certain Jews, based on their politics or marriage choices, are unworthy of that heritage.

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