Sessions Endorses Trump (This Time It’s For Real)

A month ago I reported that Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama was about to endorse Donald Trump, which I said “wasn’t news” to anyone following the race closely. Then people close to Sessions told Erick that the rumor was false.

This time it’s true.

“The American people have known for years these trade agreements have not been working for them,” Sessions stumped. “We now have and will soon have a vote on the Transpacific Partnership TPP), Obamatrade, and it will damage America. It will create a commission that undermines our sovereignty, and it should not pass. Donald Trump when he gets elected president will see it does not pass.”

Sessions said Trump is not perfect, but nobody is and endorsed the candidate.

“This movement, he doesn’t take money from political groups and lobbyists. He is committed to leading this country in an effective way. You know, nobody is perfect. We can’t have everything, can we, Mr. Trump? But I can tell you one thing, I think at this time in my opinion, my best judgment, at this time in America’s history, we need to make America great again!” Sessions said, repeating Trump’s campaign slogan.

“I am pleased to endorse Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States,” Sessions endorsed.

So a 19-year veteran of the Senate, who doesn’t come up for re-election until 2020, threw his support behind the most flawed candidate I could imagine running on the GOP ticket (I actually looked back 50 years and couldn’t find anyone even in the same league).

It certainly makes sense since Sessions practically wrote Trump’s immigration policy (such as it is). I would guess Sessions is gunning for a nice Secretary of State post should Trump take the White House. As I wrote back in January, and repeated about Chris Christie:

But Sessions, like everyone who falls in behind Trump, will be used until he’s no longer useful. After all, you have to be smart to outwit the other contestants in the political version of “The Apprentice.”

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