Shame on CNN

CNN is often accused of being a left wing news network. Had it wanted to defend itself from that charge it could have easily told NARAL no — CNN has turned down controversial and/or false advertising in the past. Yet, despite clear evidence that NARAL’s attack on John Roberts is, at best, fully misleading and, at worse and probably more accurate, an out and out lie to gin up hostility against Roberts by painting him as a lunatic right wing extremist, CNN is chosing to run NARAL’s attack ad.

Here’s the irony. CNN has has repeatedly used the Annenberg Political Fact Check site to ridicule and malign false and misleading campaign advertising and statistics. Even without Annenberg, CNN got so dedicated to fact checking political ads, it hired Brooks Jackson, who has thrived on checking facts, to present CNN as a fair arbiter of honesty in politics. Well, the Annenberg Political Fact Check Site says NARAL’s “ad is false.”

How sad for CNN to reject its own fact checking tradition and willinging allow itself to be used as a propaganda machine of the left to smear a man with lies.

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